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13 items

  1. Lucky Body Lucky Body

    Lucky Body

    Sale 92 OMR 116 OMR
  2. Leni Body Black Leni Body Black

    Leni Body Black

    Sale 135 OMR 170 OMR
  3. Hinda Body Hinda Body

    Hinda Body

    Sale 92 OMR 182 OMR
  4. Hinda Body Hinda Body

    Hinda Body

    Sale 92 OMR 182 OMR
  5. Sabrinah Bodychain Sabrinah Bodychain

    Sabrinah Bodychain

    1,628 OMR
  6. Leodora Bodysuit Leodora Bodysuit

    Leodora Bodysuit

    333 OMR
  7. Saskiah Playsuit Saskiah Playsuit

    Saskiah Playsuit

    667 OMR
  8. Aurorah Playsuit Aurorah Playsuit

    Aurorah Playsuit

    133 OMR
  9. Zanah Bodysuit Zanah Bodysuit

    Zanah Bodysuit

    Sale 161 OMR 232 OMR
  10. Izia Playsuit Izia Playsuit

    Izia Playsuit

    165 OMR
  11. Minxy Playsuit Minxy Playsuit

    Minxy Playsuit

    Sale 84 OMR 165 OMR
  12. Pawla Bodysuit Pawla Bodysuit

    Pawla Bodysuit

    Sale 69 OMR 133 OMR
  13. Yara Bodysuit Yara Bodysuit

    Yara Bodysuit

    Sale 75 OMR 150 OMR
13 items


With Agent Provocateur's luxury bodysuits collection for women, you'll be able to show off every curve. Our sexy seductive collection of luxury women bodysuits is perfect for every occasion since it's tailored to enhance your look.

Our products are all designed at our AP Headquarters in London, so our sizes are listed in UK sizing. We want that wherever you are in the world you can shop AP with confidence by using our chart below to help find the right size.

32A 32A 70A
32B 32B 70B
32C 32C 70C
32D 32D 70D
32DD 32DD/E 70E
32E 32DDD/F 70F
32F 32G 70G
34A 34A 75A
34B 34B 75B
34C 34C 75C
34D 34D 75D
34DD 34DD/E 75E
34E 34DDD/F 75F
34F 34G 75G
36A 36A 80A
36B 36B 80B
36C 36C 80C
36D 36D 80D
36DD 36DD/E 80E
36E 36DDD/F 80F
36F 36G 80G
1 30B 30B 64B
2 32B 32B 70B
3 34C 34C 75C
4 36D 36D 80D
5 38D 38D 85D
1 6 2 34
2 8 4 36
3 10 6 38
4 12 8 40
5 14 10 42
6 16 12 44